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Ethics will be given the highest priority in the ECOMORE project. In particular, the project will comply with the relevant rules and recommendations for investigation: (i) in developing countries and (ii) in children.

Biological samples will be collected in compliance with the international and national guidelines, and will be used for research purposes only. Standards Operating Procedures as well as quality criteria defined by international Good Laboratory Practice and confidentiality rules shall be applied to the biomedical laboratory techniques, collection, storage, and use of these biological samples.

Effective and appropriate mechanisms for data handling, privacy, and protection will be implemented in order to avoid any potential family or social discrimination or prejudice resulting from participant identification.

The ECOMORE project abides by the relevant international ethical guidelines. It also must be approved by each host country which will judge the ethical acceptability of the research in accordance with its own laws, customs, and traditions.

Protocols of study are submitted to National Ethics Committees to seek approval

Protocols including biological samples of human origin and/or personal health data are submitted to the CoRC; the Clinical Research Committee is an advisory body whose mission is to examine regulatory compliance (legal, ethical and organizational) of all clinical research of the Institut Pasteur, whether the Institut Pasteur is the initiator or partner and being the promoter.

Protocols of study will comply with the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki