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The National Health Laboratory (NHL) is under the Department of Health (DOH) of Myanmar’s Ministry of Health. The International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI) has added Myanmar's National Health Laboratory as a member institute.

The main missions of NHL are to:

Develop and implement laboratory support services in line with the National Health Policy;

Function as the Central Reference Laboratory for Clinical and Public Health Services;

Promote and maintain a Quality Assurance Scheme throughout the laboratory services;

Conduct applied research activities.

Additionally, the public health division is responsible for primary health care and basic health services, nutrition promotion, research, environmental sanitation, maternal and child health services, and school health services

NHL is made up of 6 laboratory units, bacteriology, virology, parasitology & entomology, serology, mycology and immunology. The DNA lab is a specific branch.


The NHL has been established in 1963 from amalgamation of 5 institutional labs including Pasteur Institute. The Pasteur Institute of Rangoon was inaugurated in 1907 (see Eastern Daily Mail, October 09, 1907).