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Pool of Technical Experts

According to the needs and challenges met by country-specific components, a pool of technical experts has been compiled and solicited in order to guide Partners in fulfilling their objectives.

Missions already completed:

Dr. Maryline  Dekermandjian

PharmD, MSc /AEC Partners /France

Evaluation of the National Dengue Surveillance System in the sentinel hospitals for ECOMORE project in Cambodia

Dr. Christopher J. Gregory

MD, MPH / US-CDC/ Thailand

Mr. Didot Prasetyo

Entomology supervisor from US NAMRU 2 /Cambodia

Setting up of mosquito trapping strategy and a baseline inventory for the entomological component of ECOMORE project in Cambodia

Dr. Mathieu Tourdjman

Medical Epidemiologist at the French National Institute for Public Health Surveillance /France Emerging Disease Surveillance and Response Unit of WHO / China

External validation of the protocol of study for the ECOMORE project in Cambodia

Dr. Steve Lindsay

Public health entomologist PhD, BSc in Applied Zoology Chair in Public Health Entomology at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine School of Biological & Biomedical Sciences, Durham University,

Validation of the protocol and technical follow-up (including field visits) of the ECOMORE project in Laos

Pr. Didier Sicard

MD, professor of medicine at the University of Paris Descartes. Honorary President of the National Consultative Ethics Committee / France

Ethical review of the Human Landing Catches (HLC) technique for the ECOMORE project in Laos

Mr. Sophoan Min

Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières is a NGO that works for international solidarity and that has been engaged in supporting smallholder farming /France

Training of the field team of ECOMORE project in Laos to conduct Participatory Rural Appraisal

Dr. Artem Metlin

DVM,PhD Head of the Laboratory for Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases at the Federal Center for Animal Health IPC/Cambodia

Laboratory manager to assist the National Health Laboratory to upgrade their capacity to analyze pathogens causing SARI for the ECOMORE project in Myanmar

Dr. Ly Sowath

MD,PhD Research officer at the Epidemiology and Public Health unit of IPC/ Cambodia

Support to NHL to create the CRF set-up the database for the ECOMORE project in Myanmar

Dr. Hem Sopheak

PharmD, MSc, medical biologist Deputy-head of Medical Biology unit at IPC/ Cambodia

Support to NHL to organize the bacteriology component (SOPs) of ECOMORE project in Myanmar

Mrs. Anne Marie Pourcher

Biologist PhD, HDR, Director of research at IRSTEA on Life sciences and health- Department “Water and Environment” France

Assist NIHE to design the specific study to assess the environmental pollution measured by E.Coli markers to measure impact of more intensive farming, for the ECOMORE project in Vietnam

Dr. Nicolas Rose

DVM, PhD, graduated at the European College of Porcine Health and Management (ECPHM) Director of the Swine Epidemiology and Welfare research unit. ANSES - Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety/ France

Assisted NIHE to design the protocol to assess the risk of transmission of zoonotic diseases in more intensive system vs. traditional system for ECOMORE project in Vietnam

Mrs. Sophie Goyet

PhD University of Montpellier, on "Modeling of knowledge transfer from research to public health" Epidemiologist and biostatistician at ANRS in Cambodia

Assist partners to set up the Knowledge Translation Platform according to the study topic and national context

Dr. Jim McLaughlin

Co-founder and president of DMDP. Postdoctoral fellowship in Medical and Public Health Microbiology at the US CDC, director of the microbiology lab at the Cholera Research Lab in Dhaka, deputy director of the microbiology laboratory at Hartford Hospital, director of the University of New Mexico Hospital microbiology laboratory

Advise the project on the techniques to be preferred for bacteria identification in Severe Acute Respiratory diseases in Children

Mr. Stéphane Béchet

Biostatistician / Data manager at ACTIV (Clinical and Therapeutic Infantile Association)- France

Assistance to NIHE and to the team of the Hanoi School of Public Health to design the database

Dr Maho Imanishi

Veterinary epidemiologist Technical officer on the Emerging Disease Response and Surveillance team at the WHO Vietnam office

Participating in the Steering Committee as member of the pool of experts

Dr Kaw Bing CHUA

MD, Ph.D Senior Director in Strategic Research Project (SRP) at Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory in Singapore

Participating in the Steering Committee as member of the pool of experts

Upcoming expertise assignments planned in 2014:

-       Support for design and management of the database for ECOMORE project in Vietnam.

        in Vietnam

-       Assistance to the microbiology unit of NIHE in Vietnam to undertake the technique of

        biological markers to trace E.Coli origin.