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Communications and Publications

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Presentation of the first results of the entomological study in Cambodia
Steering Committee 2013 - Vientiane - Report
Presentation of project ECOMORE
Note Public Communication Operation (NCO) Project ECOMORE
Sectoral response AFD Health and Welfare Framework
Assessment of National Dengue Surveillance System in Cambodia - A. Tarantola - April 2014
SOPs of NDSS in Cambodia- Ngan Chantha box definition- Pr CNM- April 2014
NDSS in Cambodia- Data collection, reporting & management- Dr. Chim Vun- April 2014
1st National Stakeholders Meeting-Cambodia- Report
1st National Stakeholders Meeting-Laos- Report
1st National Stakeholders Meeting-Myanmar-Report
1st National Stakeholders Meeting-Vietnam- Report
FBLI VOHUN- Dr Pham Duc Phuc- February 2014
Development of rubber plantations in Laos NAFRI - May 2014
Newsletter #1 ECOMORE-ONE HEALTH project
Report SC Dec.2014 Hanoi Vietnam
Newsletter #2 Knowledge Translation
ECOMORE_Vietnam Database
ECOMORE-Vietnam Preliminary findings
Risk of Vector-Borne Diseases In Relation To Rubber Plantations In Lao PDR
Risk of mosquito-borne diseases in rubber plantations of South- East Asia
Newsletter #3 Public Health
Preliminary Analysis ECOMORE-Vietnam_22Dec 2015
ECOMORE_FBLI meeting Bangkok 15 Feb 2016
Newsletter #4 Preliminary results